Fitness Center

Our one-of-a-kind, outdoor, full-service fitness center is unconventional, but incredibly effective, in addition to being a ZERO carbon emission, completely environmentally friendly facility.

Included free with your stay at the Boulder Mountain Lodge, our state-of-the-art center includes many of today’s best calorie-burning, time tested workout routines. Facilities include:

  • Treadmill — known locally as the Boulder Creek Path, this multi-intensity and fully programmable treadmill lets you decide the intensity, distance and time spent walking, jogging or running. With ever-changing visuals and scenery, you may lose track of your workout time altogether, and increase your calorie burn.
  • Stairmaster — set at a constant 40-degree pitch, this machine is right out the back of the lodge, and includes all the scenery and fresh air you can find. Some people call it a trail. We call it a great workout.
  • Weight Lifting — by weight lifting, we pretty much mean you’ll be lifting your own body weight, as you navigate the nooks and crannies of world-class rock climbing nearby. This whole-body workout makes you use your legs, arms, hands, shoulder feet and back.
  • Game room — our outdoor game room, Four-Mile Creek, includes as many games as your imagination can conjure, including rock skip, search for worms, foot soak and more! Incredibly kid friendly!